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A breakup letter to writer’s block

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me.

Oh, why do these breakups usually start with this lame cliche? It most certainly is you!

Your constant need to cling to me, stand in my way, and tag along with me on my creative insecurity trips must stop!

When I was a child, I used to let my imagination run away with me. We ran away so much we eloped. With my imagination, my toys came alive, my friends were characters from my favorite animated television shows, and my playtime with friends (real and imaginary) were often fun and vibrant. My imagination and I, we traveled throughout the universe.

You have been holding my imagination hostage, and I demand it back!

Between my fervent imagination, Microsoft Word files of rough drafts and excommunicated story excerpts, and notebooks and cloud files packed with undeveloped ideas, I have plenty to choose from in creating new characters and their worlds. So I don’t need you. You are obsolete!

Now, don’t think that because I am releasing you from your foul duties doesn’t mean you can’t antagonize some other unfortunate writer. I’m sure he or she can benefit from your tendency to feed on people’s insecurity or creativity. And by benefit, I mean not at all.

You are so afraid of commitment, so afraid to say, “Hey, let’s make this official” to an idea that you fool around. You are so afraid of seeing us creative types succeed in completing a project, you sabotage us by convincing us we have no ideas to share. When we do have ideas, you convince us they are not worth sharing with the world.

Your idea of an idea is to leave the author with none. You get the idea, right?

Do you know what I do with the likes of you, Writer’s Block? No, not eat you for breakfast; you’ll make me gain weight. No, not beat the living stuffing out of you; you might have me arrested for assault. No, I won’t donate you to science; you, even if you are blob of nothing, just might escape from the lab and cause terror throughout the city and beyond.

No, what I’ll do is release you by typing you away, scribble you away, imagine you away. Let it go, let it go!

By the way, thank you so much for giving me material to write this nearly 400-word post that I will publish on my blog.

Love always (yet not love ever),


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