“An Estella Exclusive,” newest Kindle flash fiction, is released

I’m pleased to announce that I just published my second Amazon Kindle ebook this week!

My Kindle flash fiction, “An Estella Exclusive,” is not only the first flash fiction I have ever published, but also written. Told as a first person raw interview, the story is about a man, the narrator who eludes potential fame with a celebrity socialite for a simpler life with a down-to-earth woman.

I conceived the story from answering a writing prompt late last year. The prompt calls for the writer to describe how his evening has been ruined by an arch enemy. The catch: the nemesis turns out to be a famous celebrity. The writer also has to discuss what he/she does to take back the night. Some months after answering the prompt, I revisited the answer and fleshed out the story, shaping the protagonist’s voice.

Here’s an excerpt from “An Estella Exclusive”:

The ring box was in my jacket pocket as my fiancée and I dined at the Churrascaria de Yelena, the finest Brazilian steakhouse in the area. I’m sure you know about Estella Saunderson, the star of that reality show “Estella Forever”? Of course you do; you cover her all the time. Anyway, the press reported the restaurant as her favorite in town. Sure, I introduced her to that place when we were dating, but with her heavy travelling schedule nowadays, what were the odds she’d show up the same night I was to propose to my girlfriend?

I hired two editors on Fiverr.com to edit my Kindle flash fiction. I recommend this website. As the name somewhat implies, services begin at $5. From my experience, that amount does render quality service. However, freelancers do increase their prices the more services customers order.

Flash fiction defined

By the way, what is flash fiction, in case you’re wondering? According to Catherine Sustana, the resident short stories expert at About.com, “there is no universal agreement about the length of flash fiction, but it is usually fewer than 1,000 words.” But “usually the length of flash fiction is determined by the specific book, magazine, or website that’s publishing the story,” she writes.

What’s my opinion on flash fiction, both reading and writing it? Nowadays, it’s harder to get people’s attention than maybe 100 years ago. A media-saturated world — thousands of TV channels, movie rentals, cinematic theaters, ebooks, printed books and the all-encompassing internet and just an absolute immersion in a media-saturated world — makes it tougher to grab an audience’s attention in the 21st century. Seizing a potential reader’s interest from the get-go is mandatory. A good hook must do this and keep the person reading until the end.

Flash fiction takes writing talent to a whole different level. Considering the genre, writing style and other elements of storytelling, how much you, the author, have to say determines whether a story should be a flash fiction. It’s one thing to ramble in a 100,000-word novel; it’s another to condense the same story in 1,000 words. By the way, “An Estella Exclusive” is about 1,200 words.

“An Estella Exclusive” is 99 cents and available now on Kindle. But it will be free Saturday, Feb. 28, and Sunday, March 1!

If you also savor longer short stories, my ebook “Eve the First: A Fairy Tale Revision” is also available on Kindle. And this Saturday and Sunday, it will also be free!

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant is an Orlando, FL-based writer, journalist, author and poet. She is the founder/owner of Heathermoors Books & Words, a freelance writing service that customizes content for local publications and small businesses in Central Florida. A former staff writer in North Jersey, Edmond-Sargeant won two NJ Press Association Awards. She is the author of a poetry book “How Fate’s Confusion Connects” and an Amazon Kindle short story ebook “Eve the First,: A Fairy Tale Revision”.

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