These NaNoWriMo 2016 workshops are happening in October

It’s that time of year again, though it’s only a month a way. National Novel Writing Month is in November, but still, some preparation ahead of time doesn’t hurt, right?

Earlier this week, I received a calendar of NaNoWriMo 2016 workshops from Orlando NaNoWriMo’s (NaNOrlando) municipal liaison Brad Shreffler that will take place in the Orlando area. A big thanks to him for allowing me to post this calendar information:

NaNo 101
Sunday, October 2, 2-4 p.m. at Orange County Library — Downtown Branch — Palm Room
New to NaNo? Never been to a NaNOrlando event? Didn’t make the 50K last year? Then this is the event for you. Come learn some tips and tricks for noveling success and a brief introduction to how prioritize word vomit over basic life skills like laundry. Hosted by our ML, Brad Shreffler.

NaNo 201

Sunday, October 9, 2-3 p.m. — Orange County Library – Downtown Branch – Cypress Room

Plotting for pantsers and pantsing for plotters. Done NaNo before and want to find some ways to kick up your plots? This is the event for you. Bring paper and pencil (or pen, or quills, or whatever) as you will be writing (and probably sharing) some stuff. Hosted by the real stars of NaNOrlando, Alli and Eileen.

NaNo 202
Sunday, October 16, 2-4 pm, TBD
A perfect companion for NaNo 201, we will be discussing characters and conflict. Location is still TBD, as we are finalizing some details on this event.

NaNo 301

Sunday, October 23, 2-4 pm, Writer’s Atelier – Winter Park
Panel on researching for novels. Local authors will discuss how their research process looks, and how to work research into a successful November.

Preparing Your Life for NaNo

Sunday, October 30, 2 to 3 pm, Writer’s Atelier
Paper plates, clean clothes don’t need to be folded, Stouffer’s is your friend. This month will be crazy, and we will provide some suggestions for organizing your life and making it through the next 30 days.

Here is the NaNOrlando calendar to keep you up to date on events. Brad said in the email that if anyone has location suggestions or connections for more workshops, get in touch with him on the NaNo website.

I did (and won) NaNoWriMo in the past, but it’s good to go to workshops as refreshers. To pick up even one new information from a workshop is still beneficial, so I’ll be attending at least one.

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant is an Orlando Fla.-based journalist, author and editor. She is the author of several short story Kindle ebooks and a poetry book, as well as contributor to two poetry books. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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