Teresa Edmond-Sargeant’s Published Works

Original Flash Fiction: ‘Blind Insight’

A man who had been wealthy and blind from birth saw the world much more clearly than what some people with sight could see, for he sought only people’s inner beauty, heart, and mind. He sought out beauty beyond the physical aesthetic. He sought out the godly spirit in humans wherever he went.

And he found it.

Through his compassion, his spirit and his love, this blind man gave to all. Whenever there was an organization soliciting donations (and there was never a lack of those entities), the man gave much more than a few dollars. More often than not, he pulled out wads of cash in large denominations from his jacket pocket and plopped down the bills in front of the person accepting the donations.

“I don’t need a tax receipt,” he told the organizations many times.

Whenever a volunteer opportunity arose at a local homeless shelter, a school or at a house of worship, the blind man was there. Whenever he spoke with a lonely homeless man, a child having difficulties in school, or a person of faith in despair, he listened to them, bringing himself in tune with their emotions and offering kind words and advice when asked for it.

The wealthy blind man resolved to take his compassion and empathy for others one step further. He decided to give up more than a few hundred dollars in donations here and there.

Being that he never married nor had been a father when he made his decision, first he went to a sporting goods store to purchase a tent and other camping supplies. Then he went to his bank to arrange the sale of his mansion and all of his possessions in it, a home that was willed to him upon his parents’ deaths.

The blind man was met with gasps, bewilderment and a shower of such questions as “Are you out of your mind?” when he informed others of his plans, but their reactions never deterred him. He made up his mind.

Then, he informed his bank that sales from his house and possessions should be turned over to the organizations where he donated money and volunteered.

After some time of working out the business details including legalities, the bank finally owned the house and possessions inside it.

With his new camping gear, the blind man went out to live in the forest dozens of miles from his former residence, set up camp, and settled there. Sincere where he lives has consistently warm weather, no outside cold could bother him.

As the man settled into his tent the first night, he looked up at the stars populating the sky and recalled this bit of wisdom from Him: though animals have holes and birds have nests, whatever is next for the man and where he should be — comfortable or not — depends on what He says.

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant is a journalist, author, poet and editor originally from North Jersey but now lives in Orlando, Fla. She is the author of several short story ebooks, now available on Amazon Kindle. Visit her Amazon author page here.

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