Guest post: ‘Making a Difference as a Writer and a Teacher’ by Anjenique Hughes

'Sovereignty' by Anjenique Hughes

In conjunction with the book blog tour for her new novel ‘Sovereignty,’ author Anjenique Hughes has written a guest post for my blog. Her post ‘Making a Difference as a Writer and a Teacher’ reflects upon her passion about teaching, as well as how her students inspired her to write ‘Sovereignty.’

As a blog tour host, check out my ‘Sovereignty’ book review.  

Thank you, Anjenique!

‘Making a Difference as a Writer and a Teacher’ by Anjnique Hughes

One thing I love about being a teacher is seeing students get excited when they “get it.” While working with a couple of my seventh graders on math last week, I witnessed their cherubic grins when they understood how to complete the algebra problem on their own.

“Give me another one! Give me a harder one!” were the chorus of shouts I received.

They, of course, don’t see that I am grinning from ear to ear on the inside.

Most writers don’t have the glamour and six-figure salary, but I can truly say that I LOVE what I do: writing and teaching young people academics as well as teaching them about, well … life!

“Make your own way,” I say. “Soldier on. Press through the crappy circumstances and forge ahead. You will grow incredible character if you don’t give up.”

My novel ‘Sovereignty’ gives them just such a message.

I also teach high school, my favorite age group. They get my sarcasm, which tends to fly over the heads of the younger ones. They actually were my inspiration for publishing my first novel. It wasn’t so long ago that I was navigating the teenage years myself and I can remember how difficult those years were. It is so important for these young people to have at least one person in their lives (who isn’t a parent) that believes in them, and tells them so every day.

In ‘Sovereignty,’ I wanted to write a book with memorable characters that students and young folks could relate to. Reaching youth exactly where they are was an important piece I focused on when I sat down to write my novel. Goro, Alex, and Cory are all 18-year-old young men who are making their own way in their world as it is (I named the three main characters in my novel after the three high school students who influenced my life in a profound way). These three encounter intense obstacles and witness unimaginable horrors, yet they emerge on the other side smelling like roses.

I hope most students aren’t faced with the same types of challenges, but all the same I want them to know that they are not alone. Moral of the story: DON’T give up!!! ☺


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