Two short story anthologies helping out two good causes

Two short story anthologies that feature contributions by talented authors I know. Two short story anthologies that will get readers’ minds stirring with imagination. And two short story anthologies that will donate proceeds from their sales to worthy causes.

One anthology that is due for an October 1, 2016, release is “The Hunt 2 — A Thrill of the Hunt Anthology.” To be published by Palmas Publishing, a new imprint L.E. Perez launched this month (September 2016), “The Hunt 2 — A Thrill of the Hunt Anthology” is a follow up to “Thrill of the Hunt: A Collection of Suspenseful Tales.” Along with L.E., who produced the concept of the anthologies, Kelly Abell, T.M. Witko, Susan Burdorf, J. Nichole Parkins, Laura Stapleton, L. Marshall James, Kristin Durfee, Miranda Nading and A.L. Awtrey all contributed their thrillers to “The Hunt 2.” Perez, Abell, Witko, Burdorf, Parkins, Stapleton and James also wrote tales for the first collection. Proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Pre-ordering begins on September 21. Visit the Palmas Publishing Facebook page for more details about “The Hunt 2 — The Thrill of the Hunt,” including summaries of each story.

Another anthology I want to highlight is “A World of Their Own,” a collection of short stories from the Alliance of Worldbuilders and published by Kristell Inklings. One author I know, Valerie Willis, whose editorial and book designing service is Battle Goddess Productions, contributed a short story to this. Other authors include Jeremy Rodden, Sophie E. Tallis, Will Macmillan Jones, Sam Dogra and Kay Kauffman. Proceeds will be donated to the World Literacy Foundation.

L.E., Valerie, Kristin Durfee and I, we write in the same circle. Sometimes we gather at Writer’s Atelier in Winter Park for a write-in pot luck. All the authors there spend about 20 minutes hammering away on our keyboards, take a few minute break to chat and snack on the food served there, then get back to work. The environment is great for writers to work in. There, an author can definitely find creative inspiration and build relationships with the literary community.

So, check out these anthologies’ Amazon pages and know that, if you purchase them, your dollars are helping to make the world a better place.

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant is an Orlando, Fla.-based journalist, author, and editor. She has several short stories currently published on Amazon Kindle. Visit her Amazon author, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. willisauthor

    Thank you for the shout out, Teresa! And it’s always a guilt-free buy one books that give to great causes!

    Now if I can get some of my deadlines off the table I can work on my own Anthology! HEEHEE!


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